Saturday, January 11, 2014

...some days...

There are some days that are worse than others. Days when we just wish we could be understood by others- understood by our spouses, children, parents, friends, etc. But… that doesn’t always happen. It’s in those days that we appreciate and give more meaning to the fact that we have such and Awesome God Who understands our being. He knows our hearts and minds- our feelings and emotions… our every thought before we even think it! And thank the Lord that before Him we don’t need to explain ourselves in our own self defense- He knows exactly just how much we do, or on the contrary… just how little. … So here I am! I’m back to blogging. It’s been my new year’s resolution to post something at least once a month… it didn’t exactly work out that way for me last year ;)… or the year before that, but, I’m ready to give it another shot. :) When I write, I’m able to reflect on my experiences. Able to go back in thought and let them sink in deeper. And, as years go by, it’s interesting to go back and read something you wrote a few years back and remember those experiences. Blessings to all! Nat

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change is Good

I realize that I haven't written since more than half a year ago. Although, there were countless moments, lessons, challenges, blessings, and stories to share on here. All, however, were safely brewing in my mind and, now, memories.

Evaluating the past 7 months, I can't believe how much has changed! I'm sure in all of our lives, there have been some sort of shift, progress, slowing down or speeding up. In a Christian person's life, change is good. I believe, it is always for the better.

To name a few things (from hundreds), I am married since June, to the most amazing Godly man, Ive gotten a new job, have moved to a different city, living without having the same friends and family near by, meeting new people, started a different lifestyle of a newly-married couple. Oh, and we got a puppy, but thats just a sidenote. haha

Aside from my changes, my friends have gone through getting engaged (one of my best friends to my brother!), my brother is cancer free!!! Some people have moved, others have passed away abruptly, prayers have been answered, not all of them make sense at the moment....


Change is beautiful, it has been seen throguhout the Bible and in God's handwriting. Look at the pattern of the day: have you noticed how often the sky changes? Look at the seasons, unpredictable weather...The Bible talks about timing and that there is time for everything under the heavens. Time to laugh, time to cry, keep, throw away, peace and war, ...Ecclesiastes 3

Over time, we have seen how God has allowed our minds to grow, technology to progress, research to flourish...we are capable of reaching, solving, fixing, changing, fighting, and losing much better than 500 years ago...

Everything in our lives is for the better and ordained by God. The key is to TRUST IN HIM!!! To be completely dependent on our God, to search His will in the changes that are happening around us.

Its quite easy to notice that the heart of humanity (if I can say that), has not changed much despite the good changes God has given us. Sin is still very present. We have not become happier, life is not easier for us, we are still stressed more than ever (they have de stressing toys for 5 yr olds~~??!!) we questions, fight on our own, make our own (often selfish) plans and watch the fashion trends repeat themselves.

I know many people who believe change in the world (progress in technology) is bad for the christians, to stay completely away from it. However, discussing with my husband I've now come to realize that we limit God and don't allow Him to reveal Himself in ALL ways, which He can. God has no limits. Remember when God said if the voices will be silent, all creation will rise and shout!!

I know this post is getting a bit long. But What I've learned is that change is for the better, in all ways (even challenges), the world and its changes (liberal views) will keep challenging our faith (which is good), the lessons we learn, the miracles we see, the answered prayers and the ones that are still to be answered, point to God. He is the only One Who is Constant, He is the ONLY ONE we can rely and Trust in. THe ability to see yourself completely dependent on God and the ability to trust His works in our lives will result in a joy and peace more than you will have ever felt.

Blessings to all of my friends! I hope you see the changes in your lives as GOOD! and please share~

Friday, April 29, 2011

…Has Jesus changed your life?

As I was reading a few common verses that we have all probably read at least once at some point, the story of the healed leper stood out to me in a different light. In Mark 2:40-45, A leper comes to Jesus and asks Him to make him clean. Jesus touches him, and the leprosy leaves him. Then, it’s interesting that Jesus tells him, “See that you say nothing to anyone; but go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses commanded, as a testimony to them.”(vs. 44) The leper, however, leaves and begins to “proclaim it freely and to spread the news around, to such an extent that Jesus could no longer publicly enter a city…” (vs. 45)

As I was dwelling on this though, I felt convicted that I do not follow his example. The leper could not keep what Jesus did for him a secret, and instead he went out and proclaimed it freely. Jesus changed his life… HE made him clean. I can just picture him with eyes wide open, glowing from the miracle that happened, overflowing with joy and running through the streets sharing what Jesus has done for him….

Jesus changed my life… HE made me clean…HE Died for me…HIS Precious Blood washed away my sins…HE gave me life, eternity…the promise of salvation… and yet… where is my testimony?....
I felt convicted that for some odd reason I don’t share this news with others…
Where is my joy? Where is that passion that would burst the good news outward, and drive me running through the streets proclaiming what Christ has done for me…? Why do I keep it as a “secret”, and act as if it’s just a simple thing…? A miracle has happened! Jesus came into my life!!! I’m free to live eternally!!!....

O Lord, I Pray for such a passion… Please fill my heart with courage to share the news of my salvation with those who need it most…

Thank YOU!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spread it! Sharing My Experience.

I will never forget this March of 2011. Honduras missions trip. Roughly 3,000 patients seen and 700 comming to Christ. It has changed my life, forever.

God blessed me with this opportunity, and even more, He reminded me of what I have, and what I cannot live without.

This trip was His mission continuing in my life, and His rich, pure, holy blessings pouring out of mortal dependent imperfect creatures like myself. It was truly humbling.

There were moments when I caught myself losing heart, becoming impatient, sensitive, irritable, stressed...the stronger relationship with God,l the more I did His will, the more I saw how much I do not reflect Him. How His love has covered my all patient He is with me, how tolerant and how merciful...

God changes my heart and improves me daily...He reminds me of His wisdom, His blessings, He calls me back to Him when I am distracted...He reveals Himself to me. He is my happiness, my only true joy. All of Truth is in Him.

The Joy we have from God, we gave away with every word and touch to the poor people of Honduras...It was not ours to never is.

I pray for many many more opportunities like this in my life. Part of it, of course, is the amazing outcome of my spirit and heart. He never fails to do His mission within me.

JAMES 3:17
But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What is your mission?

I recently had the chance to come up with a mission and vision for my life. More information on what it is will be below this article. A life without a specific mission, is a life wasted. I am a changed person because I have a mission/vision for my life. I no longer waste time doing what I am not called to do. With a lot of prayer and reading of the Word you can come up with your own statement. Blessings!

Some tips in how to formulate your mission/vision statement:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Define “Christian”...

I asked a friend a simple question, so I thought, in the middle of a conversation: “Are they Christian?”
Her answer wasn’t “yes” or “no”, but: “Define Christian…”
A little odd at first it seemed to me, but then I began thinking…
Well, how should I define myself…what did I mean by asking that, and …can one really know for sure about another if they’re Christian…?
For a minute there I sat just thinking, you clearly can’t define a Christian by saying they attend a church, or that their family was Christian…they dress appropriately, act mature, or even say their Christian… one is not defined a Christian based on if they pray, or fast, or even preach…for all these things can be misleading. What if one’s kind, and sweet, and goodness- never curses… or if one knows the Bible very well and even uses it occasionally for his purpose…what if one says he knows so much about a God…but is HE his God?...What if… one lives his life just thinking he’s a Christian…And can one live accordingly abiding Scriptures, and yet not be a Christian?
What is then…what word, what phrase…what sentence can define a Christian?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Give Thanks

How was your Thanksgiving day? Was it one more memorable day to be reminded how blessed you and your family are? I had a wonderful time being with an amazing family that invited me, my family and several friends to their Thanksgiving dinner. We were a diversified bunch, with Slavic and American guests all gathered together at this event. We had a great potluck dinner with lots of psalm singing, sharing the significance of Thanksgiving, and what we are thankful for. We all agreed to the fact, that we should be thankful for all the things we take for granted in our daily lives. One elderly Slavic woman pointed out that she is still tremendously grateful for the abundance of bread because in her childhood she lived through a time when there was literally nothing to eat. Her father passed away from hunger and to this day she is afraid to even drop one crumb on the floor because she values what God abundantly provides on America's tables! She said that if she sees food on the floor, she will move it to where the birds can eat it. Wow! Another young woman shared how she is thankful that God gives her hope. Hope in the future and hope for her life. A man shared how he is thankful for his wife of 22 years and for God being so patient with him throughout his life.
I am thankful for one more year of God providing His mercy and grace to me. I am thankful for His Word that tells of examples of men and women who have lived their lives and have left their lessons for me to learn. I am thankful for my family and that my parents are happily married for 30 years now. I'm thankful for my fiance, who I treasure as my gift from God.